OCRION – The Route to Improve Efficiency


Ocrion is founded by a group of industry and IT experts with extensive knowledge and experience in implementing trade promotion solutions. Ocrion is a result of improving array of systems and services with inputs from our customers to address each of the issue to maximize  trade promotion management and effectiveness. Having proven track of successful TPM implementations, we are targetting to cover every aspect of trade promotions and give you complete control in your process to keep you in competitive edge.

As part of our customer centric approach, we are offering an enterprise-level solution on cloud platform to provide lower implementation cost, higher flexibility in scope, state-of-art technology for user experience, and fast implementation cycle with pre-delivered content (package solution for SAP ERP customers).

We understand that your business is a part of a highly competitive landscape with constantly changing customer demands, which means in order to stay competitive you must effectively run your trade promotions. We are continuously improving our solution with most recent technologies (AI, blockchain) to support your complex business processes.